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Back after Baby and Free Pattern Knit Wrap

Oh my goodness, I can't even believe that the last post on this blog was almost a year and a half ago! Forgive me please dear knitters as things around here went from very stagnant to incredibly busy in such a short amount of time. First let's introduce our new addition! This is Theodore who is now a proud 8 and a half months old and is already crawling and cruising around the house like he means business! 

Babies, I tell you, so dang cute and so. dang. time. consuming. See those cheeks? they use at least an hour of kissing, snuzzling, pinching time a day, at least, and those are only the cheeks! SO needless to say that the last 8 months have been very busy. Before that? well let's just say that when you try and try to make a baby for 2.5 years without any success your heart hurts enough that sometimes the everyday things (yes even knitting) suffer a little bit, or even a lot. Thankfully little Theo is here, happy healthy and ready to (maybe) let Mommy knit a bit...

Maybe I can find out where we left off? Ahh here we are, how about we chat about the Knit Wrap? this was a great little piece that I did for the Knit and Crochet Now T.V. show. Talk about a whirlwind project! Knitting for the T.V. is a little different as you have to make partial projects that illustrate the different steps that are involved within the project for the host to demonstrate on. So after deciding what steps are the most pertinent to the project you work a small section of knitting to demonstrate each step. Which in a more complicated project can end up in a whole bunch of small pieces of demonstration knitting!

My project for Episode 302 was the Knit Wrap, this is a quick knit worked in Bulky Yarn, about 1144 yards, on US 15/10mm needles. Basically it is a large rectangle with a garter eyelet border on the bottom and top with a lattice work pattern in the middle. Then the top of the rectangle is worked with a garter stitch collar by binding off stitches in sequence to create a rounded almost picot looking trim. Below you can see some pictures I snapped in my studio before mailing it out the door which also show the basic shaping of the piece.

Super easy and fun this pattern is now offered for FREE on the Annie's Website, you can find it here, and you can always purchase episode 302 from the website as well. Let me know how it was, I never saw it!


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