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Book Review, Lark Crafts -

Chunky Knits Book Review

Hello Knitters! Have you seen this new book from Lark Crafts? Chunky Knits was just released this past October and is a great resource for quick and simple projects using 1-4 skeins of bulky yarn. Talk about a fun book filled with great gift giving ideas! I think I can see a recipient for each of the items in this book and maybe even a few things that will end up here in the humble abode. I was lucky to be included in this roster for this book which was put together and contributed to by Ashley Little. 

And look at the wealth of projects in one book! 31 patterns under one cover is the kind of book I love to buy. 

Actually when perusing this book for patterns to make personally I kind of surprised myself by wanting to make some of the home goods. Typically I don't make too many knitted items for my home, mostly since we have two dogs a cat and three kids the poor precious knitted pillow or whatnot never seems to stand a chance. But this! Cable Pouf Ottoman by Erin Black, is brilliant! Did you know that it has a drawstring? and it holds an unused comforter? do you have any idea how many comforters we have that get used maybe once a year when the kids want to camp in the yard or have a sleepover in the drafty upstairs? this little beauty is perfect and will be making at least one appearance around this place.

The other project I was entranced by was this great blanket, The Honeycomb Throw by Ashley Little. Super easy, versatile and looks like it might even use something like Lion Brand Homespun well. (seriously who is not entranced by the colours of Homespun? my hands ache at the thought of the acrylic but the colours convince me every time). The pattern actually calls for Paton's Beehive Baby Chunky... but I still am stash diving for Homespun this afternoon. I could see the girls cuddling up under this on Saturday night after we eat our homemade pizza and finish a movie all together.

One of the projects I contributed to this book was the Fingerless Gloves. A simple beginner set of fingerless gloves that use welting and ribbing to create loads of texture in a very simple pattern. Basically if you are a beginner knitter this is the pattern for you to look uber accomplished. Worked in the round from the bottom up these mittens use only knit, purl and made stitches, have a gusset and need double pointed needles. Extra cushy and warm these are perfect for a drafty office or the walk home from the bus.

The other project that I have in this book is the Crescent shawl which is quite frankly one of my favorites I have contributed anywhere. You cast on the bottom edge first and work the border then the short rows to shape the shawl are incorporated into the lace pattern. That means no wrap and turn, no picking up wraps and trying to work them in invisibly! The yarnovers within the pattern are the hole that is created when you turn the work and so it is totally unnoticeable, pretty neat huh? Okay maybe I am geeking out about it a little.. but still.. pretty cool :)

You can find this book on Amazon for purchase and I highly recommend it as a great gift for knitters of all levels.


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