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Deepening Twilight and the Lattice of Trees against a night sky

I grew up in the North, where twilight is slow and steady and in the summer it lasts for hours. I love that moment in the dusk when the branches of the trees become almost indistinguishable from the sky. An ever darkening lattice that become less and less the separate living tree they were in the light and more a pattern that stretches across the dome of advancing night. It seems like a magical time when all things are one, united by their inability to breach the depth of the retreating sunlight.

When I got this yarn to design with the color immediately reminded me of that moment, the dusky mauve purple with it's halo from the baby Llama yarn was just perfect to illustrate that gentle and subtle transition from day to night. I knew that I wanted to somehow illustrate the look of the branches over the semicircular dome of the sky. But I also wanted something more than just a half circle shawl, I needed something geometric to set off the semi circle shape, something unusual and unique.

I adore knitting shawls from a provisional cast on outwards, I find that even the simplest of patterns becomes something magical when you mirror it on itself along one line of stitches. It also means that you can work the pattern in the round, which (for me) is a bit of a carte blanche for working with some lovely intricate patterning on every round. For this shawl the rectangular section is cast on with a provisional cast on, and the shawl is worked in the round from the center out. The rectangular section has the center area which has patterning on every round and a border of brocade lace to separate it from the sides.The side sections are worked on either end with increases every round directly beside the rectangular section. This creates the half circle dome I was wanting and the patterning on these side areas seems to emanate out from the center.

The border is a knit on border which repeats the brocade border combined with a simple garter stitch triangle to really emphasize the unique shape.

You can find this pattern on Ravelry and soon (shhh.....) perhaps a new website of my very own.

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