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Gallant Cowl - A Linus Blanket but so much nicer!

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Gallant Cowl - A Linus Blanket but so much nicer!

"I know these days are Heaven sent" - the Steeldrivers

Gratitude, I made the choice to live with this feeling for the year. I am so grateful for this life, my family, friends, my job, you, (yes you!) I appreciate everyone with an interest in my designs and who takes the time to read my musings on this blog.

I know that things will not always go my way and that there has to be struggle for the good times to be oh so sweet. I've been to the dark places before and it can seem an endless stream of screaming into the wind, whether literal or figurative. For those days there needs to be something comforting, warm, deeply soothing that we can sink into and maybe hide a little.

Gallant Cowl is a security blanket of sorts, cabled, plush, large enough to wrap twice around the neck and still pull down over the shoulders. It has just the perfect amount of cables with a touch of lace and ribbing.

I imagine this as a modern day Linus blanket, but so much nicer. Something you can pull up around your face when the wind is chilly, pull down over your shoulders for more of a poncho or up over your head like a snood. It also works great unfolded as a large infinity scarf, and is big enough to wrap a small child up completely if you perhaps find yourself out with a little who forgot their woolies.

And the best part of the infinity shape is that it stays put! No shifting around on the shoulders with an end coming loose in the middle of wrestling groceries into the trunk. Or randomly falling off and you only notice when your neighbors dad is suddenly picking a mostly frozen, slightly ran over silk and mohair shawlette off the middle of the road (I may have experience with that last one, p.s. wouldn’t recommend it, ends up with a kind of panicky “How could I not notice my gorgeous knitting was missing” guilt complex).

Gallant Cowl is worked in the round from the bottom up, it is charted and written and since it is worked in an Aran weight yarn it knits up super fast. The Homestead Tweed I used for the sample is really luxurious, 90% wool and 10% Donegal this yarn is a dream to knit with, very soft and lovely around the face and neck. You could easily change the size by adding or removing chart repeats, which means it would be easy to go smaller on the yarn and add another repeat to use some stash! 





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