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Happy Valentine's Day! Kiruto Baby Jacket

Ah February, the month of Amore, 2 years ago we were expecting our own February Baby and Valentine's Day was just that much sweeter for it. Right now our little guy is going to be turning 2 and it seems like that is just about the time when everyone else's babies become a little more.. appealing (more babies! more babies!)... especially the adorable model for this photo shoot. Aisling is modeling the Valentine's day version of the Kiruto Baby Jacket, a sweater designed especially for her and her special Mom.

Aisling is Baby number 5, wow right?! I mean we are 3 kids into this life together and it already seems overwhelming at times, 5 is like this amazing mountain of kidlet love that appears pretty magical from the outside. This last baby (have to cross through to appease Murphey's law) was pretty special, a teeny tiny love muffin of a girl who is quite simply just a precious chilled-out baby dearest.

Now I knew that I needed to create something new and simple for Aisling and her Mama, both Mom and Dad are really into Japanese culture and I personally love Japanese quilts and quilted clothing. I also love smocked stitches, I think they create such an interesting fabric that really changes the structure and drape of the knitted item. The final fabric seems warmer and cozier, it really does feel like it is quilted!

The Kiruto baby Jacket is a simple dolman style jacket, knit from the bottom up in 3 colors. Worked evenly to the armholes, stitches are cast on for the sleeves and the cuffs are worked with 3 slipped stitches for a thicker rounded edge. The stitches for the back sleeves are picked up from the cast on for the front sleeves reducing seaming. The tops of  the sleeves are grafted using kitchener's stitch for less inner irritating seams on sweet baby skin. When the main body is finished the i-cord is worked around the edges using the darkest color, a small loop is created at the top left neck opening and both ties are worked at the top right neck opening.

For this design to work out well row gauge is just as important as stitch gauge, the striping sequence is based on a repeat of the pattern in rows. This means that if your row gauge is significantly larger or smaller you will want to make sure to add or remove pattern repeats to match the schematic for an appropriate size.

This pattern also comes with a step by step smocking stitch picture tutorial, some of the testers who helped me perfect this pattern had trouble with the stitch pattern and so I worked up a 14 step worksheet to help. This comes with the pattern and will help with any difficulties you may have regarding this unusual stitch pattern.

Kiruto is worked in a Ella Rae Chunky Superwash, and works up really really quickly! I bet if you started today you could finish in time for Valentine's Day this year! Less than 2 weeks? perhaps you could! Check it out on Ravelry today and get your knitting needles clicking for your own Sweet Love Muffin Baby!

This little sweater can be unisex as well, check out the original sample made for Aisling in 3 shades of Blue.This sample worked in Cascade 220 Aran Superwash in colors 1999 Majolica Blue, 1992 Deep Jungle, and 849 Dark Aqua, these colors are not noted in the pattern.


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