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How to: Knit 15 tog the EASY WAY!

How to: Knit 15 tog the EASY WAY!

How to: knit 15 tog the easy way

Knit 2 (or 6, or 15) Together, and How to Bring All the Friends to the Party.

Knit 2 together (k2tog) is usually the first decrease that is learned by knitters, whether on purpose or by mistake. Typically, this technique is worked by inserting the needles from front to back into the front "legs" of a multiple of stitches, wrapping the yarn around the needle and then pulling a stitch through, decreasing that multiple of stitches to one. This creates a right-slanting decrease on the right side of the work. It is fairly easy to execute when only working with two stitches decreasing to one stitch. But what if you want a right-slanting decrease that reduces three stitches to one stitch, or six to one, or 15 to one? Suddenly the humble knit-together decrease can become tricky. But never fear, there is a tip to help those needles through the mass of stitches.

How to: knit 15 tog the easy way

Lay the active yarn over the left tip of the needle from front to back.

How to: knit 15 tog the easy way

Then lift the required number of stitches over the active yarn.

How to: knit 15 tog the easy way

This creates a decrease which is identical to inserting your right tip knitwise into the multiple stitches, but it's much easier to accomplish.

How to: knit 15 tog the easy way

When you have finished slipping all the stitches pass the stitch to the right needle tip purl wise.

How to: knit 15 tog the easy way

 And there you have it! a super simple way to get the same look as a massive decrease but much easier on the hands.

Happy Knitting!

Meghan Jones


Looking for a pattern to work this massive decrease in? Try the Coral Palace Shawl! It has a k13tog and is perfect for a crazy skein of sock yarn! 

Coral Palace Shawl by Meghan Jones


  • Wendy

    YES! Those used to be tricky decreases, but your tip is the perfect solution!

  • Melanie

    Wow! I definitely have to remember this one!

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