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Inkle Loom Jewelry

Earlier today I was perusing some photos on a particular social networking site that shall remain unamed. And I came across some really beautiful new jewelry made by a friend of mine all out of yarn and woven inkle strips.

This is a friend who I went to school with in Calgary about 8 years ago, we had loads of fun ( most of which would earn us a  few raised eyebrows should I go into details.) But we both gradutaed and eventually  moved really far away from each other taking our own separate textiles paths. She still does loads of weaving and especially inkle loom weaving which is a smaller loom that is manipulated differently than a normal harness loom. I'll spare you the details as sadly I think I've forgotten them somewhere along the line... baby brain. The strips in this jewelry are the part that is woven on a loom, most often stripes or checkers, and then combined with metal hoops and delicate crochet to create gorgeous pieces of art for your neck or wrists.

Take a peek at the links as there are many more really amazing pieces that she has created, and hopefully will be offering online soon. As a matter of fact if you really love it check out her blog and leave her a message saying how much you'd love to buy it from her on Etsy. :) I love this stuff!!


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