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Interweave Knits Petite Facile

 I wanted to post about a lovely little sweater that was published in Interweave Knits winter 2011, the Petite Facile sweater. Translating from French to 'Small and Simple' this sweaer is exactly that, a perfect quick knit gift for the small ones in your life.

Petite Facile is knit flat and all in one piece from the hem up over the shoulders. The sleeves are shaped with short rows to taper to the cuff and the front neck has a wide placket which of course is the perfect opportunity for a large button. I designed this piece to be the simple knit that can be worked on anywhere but is still more interesting than plain stockinette.The sample was worked in malabrigo worsted which might be the softest yarn ever made, but this pattern uses a standard worsted weight yarn and would be a great stash buster.

Don't be alarmed if your sleeves look like triangles after the short rows, this is simply the shaping so that the wrist circumference tapers from the armhole depth. You can see in the picture below how the short row shaping is a diagonal line along the back of the sleeve.

In these bottom three photos my daughter modeled this sweater for me before I mailed it off and she loved it so much she wore it for at least 20 min on a hot August day. She is a very small 2 year old who has only just outgrown her 18 month size clothes and the 18 month sample fit her with zero ease.
And she is a hambone, lol

xo Meghan

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  • Rachel

    Hi Megan,
    I’m a novice so bear with me. I found Petite Facile Pullover in the 2011 Interweave Knit Magazine. Between the internet and my knitting book, I have managed up to this point: “Cast on 36 sts at beg of nxt 2 rows”. But this is what throws me as I have cast on 36 stitches on the right arm. How am I to cast on another 36 stitches for a “total of 118”? Where? Is the length of the arm 72 stitches? How do I cast on the left side??
    Please advise if there is more to this pattern that I am missing from the magazine instructions. It is such a cute sweater that I do not want to stop and begin another pattern. Thanks.


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