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Iridophore now available

Well this is a fun little pattern I have to say, Iridophore makes full use of two skeins of Abracadabra by Hikoo, the  new color changing yarn. What's really neat about this yarn is that it is only available in two colors because they haven't actually invented any other ones. And it changes color rather quickly in bright sunlight, not like the old color changing technology (read hypercolor shirts) which always seemed to take forever to change. My kids are absolutely obsessed with the results and if yarn can outrank computer games and t.v. shows then Hikoo did something right!

Iridophore is the scientific name for the crystalline cells on a chameleon that change color

The pattern uses one skein of each color, white to pink and white to purple, but since the headband only uses about 30 grams and the bracelet more like 10 grams you can easily get 3 of each from 2 skeins. The headband is worked lengthwise with a border of stockinette stitch that curls up to make a nice squishy edging, the center area is worked with garter stitch short rows that are not wrapped and uses beads! This was a huge selling point for the kids as BEADS make it more like JEWELS and PRINCESSES wear JEWELS, and since it is a headband it really is mostly like a TIARA WITH JEWELS. The beads are placed using a small crochet hook onto the stitch that is different than stringing the beads on the yarn first. Of course you could just string the beads on and it would work fine but you would get a slightly different looking result. Don't be intimidated by the short rows since really it is just turning the work mid row and continuing back the other way, no wrapping of stitches. Both the headband and the bracelets are finished with buttons, the buttons you see are shell buttons from Joanns that actually match perfectly! So if you do use the Abracadabra check out the button aisle at your local Joanns. 

The bracelet is also worked lengthwise with a curled stockinette border, the beads are placed on an eyelet row with garter stitch on either side. The headband calls for a color change between the border and the main body but the bracelets are worked in one color, not to say that you couldn't change color if you wanted to.  Also this pattern is available from BABY to ADULT, the samples are knit in the child sizes (except for the Adult Small headband on the giant head of my eldest daughter).

The Headband Ravelry Page is here and the Bracelet page is here

Of course you can work this in any yarn you choose, and the two test knitters did some adorable projects using striping and vareigated yarn, you can see their projects here


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