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Jellyfish Bag

Copyright Interweave Knits 2010

Well it's finally up! I have a pattern in the Spring 2010 Interweave Knits. Trust me this was an amazing process and I enjoyed every single second of it.

Here are some of my way not amazing professional photos without a gorgeous dolled up model, but they suffice for a few different views of the bag. This bag is pleated on the purl side every 12 rows and so has an immense size when stretched out, while being drapey and fabulous when hanging. It also takes almost 1000 yards of yarn so do believe the yardage indicated it's not a typo!

 It has moving bottom corners that can be slid up and down the i-cord handle for.. well.. you know.. a great look!
                                                Copyright Interweave Knits 2010

The top has a zipper set into a casing and features the gorgeous little tubes of pleating all squashed together in perfect rows. It is lined with a woven fabric, in a trapezoid shape; I used lime green linen although you can't really see that in any of the photos. The lining is really important so that the bag can move freely around the lining and not be stretched out from the weight of the bag's contents. The I-cord was knit on much smaller needles to prevent too much stretching when worn and moves through I-cord holders on either side of the zippered top.

This design really came about after reading the inspiration boards for the Spring Issue of IK, they mentioned ruffles or ruching, and I was totally absorbed in the simple idea of making a knit fabric ruched. The bag is meant to feature the juxtaposition between the structured top gathers and the drape of the bottom fullness. It fits perfectly at the hip, holds a ton of goodies, and is a fabulous look!

You can check it out here on Interweave


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