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Much work and only two hands

Since so much of what I'm working on is top secret as it is being submitted hither and yon I think I would like to talk about my unending love for Elizabeth Zimmerman and her constant knitterly freindship. How is it that just picking up on of her books can make you feel completely ensconced in the 'spirit' of knitting, by turning the first page you can literally hear her welcoming you into her warm kitchen with 'hello old friend, pull up a chair and knit a while'. Among other things here are a few of her patterns that I simply must knit this year, that said I will post photos which have links so you can see who took said lovely phots and I further emphasize that these are not my photos but the talented shots of wonderufl knitters on Ravelry whose work is much admired.

So... I'll be busy. Thanks so all those talented knitters who have finished said projects and are a constant inspiration!


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