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Wow. All I can say is wow.
Norma's Blanket went live yesterday morning in the First Fall and Holiday Headstart Issue of Knitty and the response on Ravelry has been overwhelmingly positive. Over 1000 favorites in about 24 hours has been breathtaking and I hope that everyone who knits this blanket knows how dear it is to my heart.

Norma is a special blanket for a special lady, my grandmother who has recently been moved into a nursing home. I love Grandma so much, she is such a sweet strong lady with fierce views and old fashioned morals. She lives back in my hometown of Edmonton Alberta and since my now home of Spokane is more than 12 hours away I just don't see her very much at all.

I spent so much time with her when I was pregnant with my first daughter and my husband was in Iraq, this was also the time that I was learning to knit and beginning my knitting/design journey. Grandma and I would meet once a week and have coffee together and after Abby was born we would coo and admire my sweet baby. I was always so impressed at the adversity she had overcome in her life and it made me realize that we all struggle but being strong and carrying on was all you could do. Her friendship was truly special in a time which could have been so sad and depressing.

I wanted to knit something for Grandma that was comforting and beautiful, that she could use every day to keep her warm. Something that could wrap her in the love and hugs that I wish I could give her personally.

Norma is worked from the inside point out in the round beginning with double points and working up to a 47 inch circular needle. There are 4 quadrants representing her 4 children, Uncle David, my late Aunt Diane, my dad Brian, and Auntie Donna. The blanket is designed with branching leaves and vines that emanate from the centre out. These are the tendrils of our family, growing and evolving, delicately branching ever outward all from Grandma Norma.

I would like to thank my models Sarah and her adorable Baby Simon who though they are not part of my genetic family tree, belong to my adopted family network here in my new home of Spokane.

And thanks to Grandma Norma, you've always loved your family and we dearly love you back.


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