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Oooh Surprises and a Giveaway!

There are surprises afoot here in internet land, surprises like the upcoming issue of Knitcircus Fall and my pattern in it! And if that isn't exiting enough for you the fine folks at Knitcircus are giving away
3 free pattern collections; one each to 3 lucky winners from this blog!

Since this Issue is all about Fall and the great knitting that we all get into in the fall I want to know two things from you dear reader; what is your favorite fall activity? and what do you have planned to knit this fall?

To start us off I will tell you that my favorite fall activity is going up to Greenbluff farms and picking apples with my family. Happily the first of these jaunts usually coincides with my birthday and so I can forget about getting older and instead spend several golden afternoons picking apples among the changing leaves. This fall I am planning to knit the Forest Fiesta coat by Sandra McIver, as well as finishing Nora's Sweater by Pam Powers, oh and I have yarn for the Olique Sweater by Veronik Avery, and... well....  the list continues.

Don't forget to leave your comment with your favorite fall activity and what you plan to knit this fall as well as your contact information, I need an email addy from you if you want to win! The contest will be over at 12pm on Tuesday the 23rd of August and  Hubs the Great will help me draw three names the next morning! Thanks for reading and good luck!


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