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*Sibling; rep from * 4 more times Revelry

Siblings are pretty special, they will typically know you the longest out of any other humans on the planet and have intimate knowledge of your early life and upbringing. I myself am from a family of 3 and even if we don't always get along with each other I have a deep love and respect for both my sister and brother.

 My husband and I also have 3 children and I am struck in so many ways at how much they love and just simply enjoy being with each other. Yes they fight, yes most of the time it is like Cats and Dogs. We have a rough and tumble messy and unpredictable family life just like everyone else. But I really love that part, and I love the disparate relationships that evolve within the family unit, my youngest and middle are inseparable best friends who either spend hours in passionate play, or literally try. to. kill. each. other. My oldest and middle have a much more cerebral relationship that involves intricate storylines and crafts. My oldest and youngest are ships passing in the night, they will play sometimes, but it seems like they speak a different language most of the time. I can't stress enough my deep enjoyment of this complex dynamic, how it shifts and moves and they each grow into different aspects of each other, a stronger connection everyday. 

My 4 Best Friends also have 3+ kids, part of why we all get along is love of family and time spent together as a family. (Oh and we all spend some serious time deeply humbling each other with loyal and true friendship)

The biggest family in our group has 7 kids, 5 of these kids are all pretty close in age from 4 months to 9 years (yes! Supermom!). When I was working on the Samples for the Sibling Revelry Cardigan my friend loved the pattern so much she started working on one for each of her 5 younger kids.

 She matched the colors of each cardigan to each kid's personality and what they loved to wear. As you can see these are some adorable kiddos and they have such a loving family dynamic. These cardigans were actually finished before the birth of the youngest, and were an adorable themed Christmas gift. 

Want to knit your own family of Sibling Revelry Cardigans? You can find the Sibling Revelry Pattern on Ravelry here. 


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