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Sibling Revelry Pullover

Finally! I have finally finished editing, coddling, shining, perfecting the Sibling Revelry Pullover Pattern, the sister (brother) pattern to the Sibling Revelry Cardigan Pattern. 

This pattern also started with a special skein of yarn; a lovely bright spring green gifted to me for Theodore in the depths of February by a dear knitting friend who hand dyed it herself. Of course I had many plans for this skein, first he was small enough that I could probably eek a vest out of it, no sleeves equals endless possibilities with limited yardage and so my sleep deprived brain browsed patterns while I rested and nursed our new little guy. February turned into March and then April, no vest had magically whipped itself into existence Mrs. Weasley style overnight while I passed out between his wakings. And of course babies grow, a vest was out of the question, not even my exhausted optimism could pretend that an entire garment was being made out of that one skein. Hats and mittens were out since Spring was right around the corner and booties are boring not something I enjoy.

This bright little skein worked it's way up into my stash until autumn winds (and more sleep) had me rooting around in the bins looking for something to work with. Paired with a deep rich blue it seemed like the perfect opportunity to work with contrasting colors and textures in a finished garment. I wanted to include cables, but also wanted a different cable, something more interesting than the average cable and also a pattern that would translate well for multiple sizes. I also wanted to used some texture, not garter stitch as I had explored that in the Cardigan version but what about Moss Stitch? Ooohh I love moss stitch, lays flat, loads of texture, squishy like garter stitch but more interesting. And to marry both patterns together in a fraternal twins kind of way the pullover also needed 2 rows stripes.

This garment has all three elements, the front is cabled in the MC, the Back is worked in Moss Stitch using the CC and the Sleeves are 2 row stripes of Stocking stitch using both colors. The sleeves are continued up over the shoulder in a saddle shoulder and across the upper back joining at the center. The cables on the front are a combination of a 3 over 3 cable and a 4 over 6 or a 6 over 4, this is essentially a cable within a cable and the two of them are flanked by columns of moss stitch diamonds.

This pullover is worked flat in pieces, it has to be as all the different patterns have differing gauges. Don't be dissuaded by the seaming, try joining your seams with locking stitch markers before seaming as this will help to keep the seaming even.

Of course this pattern is also available in sizes 3m to 12 years, and it is modeled in sizes 18m and 10 years. The 4 smallest sizes 3m (6m, 12m, 18m) have alternate neck shaping that includes a shoulder that opens with buttonholes for giant baby noggins.


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