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Well things have certainly been busy around here, a few new opportunities as well as trying desperately to finish up old ones all while having everyone sick sick sick. Not totally sure why this year has been so bad, perhaps because we have two kids in fulltime school and Little Baby No Sleep makes sure we only get the minimum amount to function? Who knows, but it has been a roller coaster of germs...

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Now availabe for purchase, the Bright Peak pullover in Schachenmayer original Boston. Kinda obsessed with the boat neck folks, and the square body with wide graphic stripes and an offest cable. This simple pullover is quick, and really at this point in the winter isn't that what we need? When all the best sweater intentions planned in October with the first nip of fall, shunted to the side after a...

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I have always been fascinated with self striping yarns, I love them and try to use them and design for them often. I particularly like how the stripes can help define a unique sweater construction for example when the knitting is worked in sections such as modular knitting or worked sideways. In the spring of 2010 I had a great idea for a sideways knit sweater using short rows to shape the yoke...

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Time for a new pattern release! These are the Shimmer Mittens, a quick knit with cushy garter stitch mosaic patterning and sizes for the whole family. I am a huge fan of long striping yarn and I also really love mittens so this project was a perfect match.

These mittens were designed when I was lucky enough to receive some brand new colours of Knitpicks Chroma. Knitting with secret yarn is always...

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Several months ago an up-and-coming yarn company was looking for design submissions for their yarn line. Their request was in the form of a contest and within the contest there were two options. One option being the 'contemplater' receive your yarn info and sample early and work up a proposal. The other option was a 'risktaker', wait patiently for a mystery sample and work up a proposal in no time...

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