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Tibetan Dreaming

Ahhh... so I finally broke down and started a new project. I must admit that the run up to Christmas with all the gifts to be made for others, shopping for presents and food to sustain the 5 extra adults we had here for a week. The hullabaloo that IS Christmas with two children...... well..... I was unprepared to deal with the virulent strain of Startitis that flanked me on Boxing day.

I had the pattern for Tibetan Clouds printed out for months, and it had been lingering sadly on my desk beside all the other papers and reference books used to create several projects for publications. Somehow this tricky little pattern had managed to keep itself at the top of the pile whilst everything around it was cleaned up for the Holidays. So when startitis started whispering in my ear late Boxing Day afternoon Tibetan Clouds Stole was the first thing to catch my eye, and like a newly hatched chick I adopted it wholeheartedly.

Now you may be unfamiliar with the numerous lace projects I have started over the lat few years, I started one on the drive from Texas to Spokane almost three years ago, I started the Icarus which sadly has no pictures of it's loveliness, and I started the Petra Lace Scarf which still is not finished.
I do love Lace, I love all the intricacy, I love the part in the pattern when you realize that as the knitter you might actually understand the pattern. Not just a sheep following blindly along having every stitch chug by, you can see the pattern and get a feel for the rhythm of it. But somehow it is always too repetitive for me in the end, there is always a border that has too many repeats of  the same thing. And my brain gets bored so I let the project dwindle to a stop and find something else to work on that is more exciting. I (almost) never get this problem when I am designing something because there is always that fear (nagging grinding terrifying) that it won't turn out at all. So the fear keeps me going, oh and the deadline that someone else made for me.

So hopefully this newest stole will get finished. I am determined if only to show my bestest friend that I can and will finish a lace project, and then there are all the other lace patterns calling out to be worked up as Christmas gifts for next year. If I get started now I stand a chance.... right?


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