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When you can't find what you want; design it!

 About a year ago I was looking for a spring/summer cardigan to knit, not necessarily only for spring or summer either, I find that I wear my warm and cozy wool sweaters in my cold 100+ year old house but as soon as I leave to the grocery store, or a friends house (who has this crazy "insulation" stuff everyone is so hip on) I get way too warm. So I like lighter sweaters for the winter as well for layering pieces. I had the yarn, some Louisa Harding Merletto that I had purchased for another project that ended up getting the 'rip', and now to find the pattern I wanted to knit!

There were a few, but none that were lighter choices in my size that struck my fancy. And really it came down to sizing choices, I am a voluptuous and gorgeous 3X with curves and Mama stretch marks. I have a nice comfy belly and broad shoulders, and it can be truly discouraging to find a stylish pattern in the larger sizes. Or if they are sized large they tend to be a boring box pullover that hides my goddess beauty in yards of fabric.

After a few hours of frustrating searching and unfortunately a few self derogatory comments (hey they happen) I realized that truly I needed to write the pattern I was so desperately looking for. It may be a lofty dream but I would love to reclaim the knitting pattern industry sizing issue one pattern at a time and what better project to start with than this?

I knew I wanted to use this beautiful geometric lace pattern on the back, it was just so striking and was going to create a 'wow' moment when the wearer turned around. It seemed like a plain front was in order to really set off  the surprise of the back, and then some texture on the sleeves to match the hem and collar. The shoulders got a bit of a special treatment with an extended lace section that places the lace 2 inches past the shoulder seam onto the front of the garment. Giving the front a sneak peek of the lace work you are about to be amazed by on the back of the work.

This garment is worked from the bottom up, the lace pattern does need shaping at the armhole areas and you will need to know how to work shaping in lace without a totally charted decrease. The sleeves have cap shaping and are set in for a streamlined and fitted look. The front is designed to have a 3-4" opening which you can play around with when choosing what size to knit.

Because this cardigan is worked with 3 different patterns that are also worked on differing needle sizes it is a seamed garment, this also gives the finished piece a stability that it would not normally have in this yarn. It is a giant pain and yet REALLY IMPORTANT to swatch each pattern and then wetblock them if you are going to knit this garment. The Lace back opens up considerably when blocked and having the blocked sample helps you not to overknit the length on the Back. Also some of my testers used wool instead of a cotton blend and they had a significant increases in yardage used. Wool tends to have more rows per inch than cotton so there are more rows worth of knitting in a wool version which means more yardage.

I hope you like this pattern as much as I do, I have worn it so many times and in additional to being comfortable and getting great comments from others it truly makes me feel beautiful! You can purchase this pattern on Ravelry

If you knit this or any of my patterns I would love to see pictures! You can share finished pictures with me on Facebook, my Ravelry Forum or on Instagram by tagging @meghanjoneslnmp or using #littlenutmegproductions and #meghanjoneslnmp

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