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Copyright Interweave Knits 2010

Well it's finally up! I have a pattern in the Spring 2010 Interweave Knits. Trust me this was an amazing process and I enjoyed every single second of it.

Here are some of my way not amazing professional photos without a gorgeous dolled up model, but they suffice for a few different views of the bag. This bag is pleated on the purl side every 12 rows and so has an...

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By Meghan Jones

The Jewelled Prism Mittens are a brilliant statement for your hands, featuring complex geometric designs and a gorgeous color palette. Knit in the round with an extra long ribbing to keep out the draft this pattern comes in two sizes with an added pattern inset for the larger size.


M[L,] (shown in size M)


Length: 11.25[12.25] inches


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Since so much of what I'm working on is top secret as it is being submitted hither and yon I think I would like to talk about my unending love for Elizabeth Zimmerman and her constant knitterly freindship. How is it that just picking up on of her books can make you feel completely ensconced in the 'spirit' of knitting, by turning the first page you can literally hear her welcoming you into her...

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Well Monday again, so nothing has really made it off the needles however there are projects surfacing everywhere in the race to compile gifts for Christmas. Even though the hubs and I started earlier this year, stretching out all that accumulation over a few months in the hopes of avoiding a heart attack when January bills arrived, we are far from done. All the well meant planning of knitted gifts...

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Well folks in a streak of brilliance an Art and Music class was scheduled for Monday mornings keeping a certain busy preschooler out of the house and away from the needles which means time for working! Here is a little preview of upcoming patterns here at LNMP, a few shots to make your mouths water and pique curiosity.

Lastly I doubt I'll make a up a pattern for these little guys ( mostly because I...

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