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Q: Can I purchase digital patterns as a collection or e-book? 

A: You can purchase Pattern Bundles on the SALE page and I am adding new ones all the time!


Q: Do you sell printed versions of your patterns?

A: I am happy to talk with Yarn Shops or Distributors about selling hard copies, please contact me at this link. 


Q: When can I expect an answer to my email?

A: Monday through Friday


Q: I have purchased a pattern but I want Meghan to make a major change to the design

A: Meghan Jones and Little NutMeg Productions are not available for free rewrite service for patterns, this includes all patterns published under the names Meghan Jones and Little NutMeg Productions. A rewrite service is considered altering one or more aspects of the pattern that change the design and require different written or charted instructions. This does not include answering questions on existing designs, it only applies to significantly changing an existing pattern. For example: rewriting a pattern to remove cables/pleats/shaping/collar or add pockets, different sleeves etc.  If you desire this service there is a 50% of quoted price up front free and an additional $30 per hour fee charged in 15 minute increments of $7.50, please contact Meghan via the secure contact submission form here with the name of the pattern you want to have altered and she will get back to you with a quote. Payment is accepted via paypal.


Q: How can I subscribe to your mailing list, what will I receive and how often?

A: I send information to my mailing list whenever I have a new pattern ready for test knitting, a new pattern for purchase or some great news to share. I do not do a weekly newsletter, timing is totally dependent on having new information to share.


Q: What is test knitting and how can I participate?

A: Test knitting is the process of knitting a design for me before I have totally problem solved all the Errata. This means that there are mistakes, but your job is to help me identify and correct them. I test knit patterns through my Ravelry Forum and it is a fun way to get in on the ground floor of an upcoming design. Mailing list members get testing info right to their inbox, and I also post new test knits on Facebook and Instagram.


Q: Can I sell items made with Little NutMeg Productions patterns?

A: Yes, I sure would appreciate it if you made mention of the pattern and who designed it. If you are interested in knitting my patterns for sale through an online platform like Etsy please contact me. I would be happy to offer you a pattern discount for links from your store back to my site. 


Q: I want to create a tutorial for a Little NutMeg Productions pattern, is that allowed?

A: Yes but please do not use sections of text from my patterns in your tutorial, the patterns are copyright and using sections of text violates the copyright. If you are interested in using sections of text copied from my patterns please contact me and we can write up an agreement.


Q: I am interested in translating a Little NutMeg Productions pattern into another language, how do I proceed?

A: Please get in touch with me through the contact section and we can chat about it.


Q: Can I upload one of the free Little NutMeg Productions patterns to a file sharing site?

A: No, that is a violation of copyright law, none of my patterns are approved for upload to any file sharing site.


Q: Can I host a Knit along using a Little NutMeg Productions pattern?

A: Sure! Please contact me via the contact button and I can get you a promo code for 15% off your KAL pattern purchase.