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Knitting at the Speed of Light- Clusterwink Shawl

Knitting at the Speed of Light- Clusterwink Shawl

Lately, I have been in a very interesting knitting space, I either want something totally mindless that works up quickly and I can crack out at the speed of light. OR. Something fussy and fiddly with loads of color changes, stitch patterns, lace or intarsia that takes an hour for a row or two. 

Nothing in between. 

Not totally sure if this is some Freudian issue that I should be talking to a therapist about or if I am just finally settling into a rhythm for a while but those are the two kinds of knitting I want and I am sticking to them. Clusterwink fits into the mindless and fast category, (okay not totally mindless, there is a simple lace pattern but it is really, really easy.) Working this pattern in a chunky almost bulky weight also makes the knitting go so fast, and it is the perfect 2 skein project.

I always end up with 2 skeins for some reason, whether it is leftover from another project or I only buy 2 (?) there always seems to be 2 skeins to deal with. And since the pattern is knit from side to side with increases and border worked at the same time the shape is really adjustable, you can increase until you've used about 40% of the yarn, then work and even section and start decreasing. I like this type of construction because it makes starting the project with a small amount or even mystery stash amount of yarn really easy. 

The sample is worked with Misti Alpaca Handpaint Chunky, and this yarn is just like knitting with butter, the color is luminescent and the drape is smooth and lovely. The garter stitch and simple lace pattern repeat really bring out the color changes and the testers all enjoyed the fast simple knit.




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