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Have you ever worked with a springy yarn? Not just a nice merino with a decent ply; I'm talking a tigger tail-trampoline bouncing-lamb on a pogo stick kind of yarn. The kind of yarn that creates texture as high and crisp as the Rocky Mountains and helps your cables be seen from space. No? I hadn't either, until I met Elemental Affects Cormo worsted, and let me tell you the love affair has only just begun.  The combination of longer fibers and extra twisty spin makes for a stretchy bouncy yarn that just pops your cables right off the knitting. I...

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Placing beads in knitting can be done in two ways, one way is stringing the beads onto the yarn and then working them into the stitch. I'm not a huge fan of this method since I think it is hard on the yarn to pass thousands of beads down it's length while knitting. I also find that it slows down my knitting considerably, and inevitably I have to add more beads which means cutting the yarn and threading more on, no thanks! For the Samarran shawl I use the other method which is to place the bead onto a stitch using...

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 As I sit here writing this there is a tiny terroristtoddler beside me jumping on the guest futon, the downstairs has flooded thanks to a brilliant husband enacted plumbing "quick fix" and the lawn is over 8 inches tall because the mower is trapped behind the latest building project in the garage. I have exactly 5, wait 8, okay probably more like 10 projects on the go and a giant backlog and...

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It would be easy to just say that I took a class and designed this shawl, Ta Da!

It would be accurate too, but it would also leave out so much of the story, all the connections that seem to pop up when you follow your passion and the path grows before you. I did design this shawl in a class that I took last year, it was an incredible class with the lovely and talented Sivia Harding, a design class...

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