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When you work as a knitwear designer you will get told no an awful lot. Usually this is done in a very nicely worded form letter that arrives with your returned materials, or perhaps a short email extending the gratitude of the receiver and unfortunate circumstance of your rejection. And sometimes there are just crickets chirping in the night with no answer to your creative ideas at all. It is really a normal part of this job and I stopped taking it personally a long time ago, there is only so much space to be had in any one issue whether...

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A funny thing happens when someone you love is away and in danger, you tend to have little rituals to keep them safe. Similar to sports players who don’t change their socks to ensure a winning streak it seems like the smallest details of a day, if repeated, might actually keep all the days identical. If you can only hold onto the schedule of each 24 hours and somehow make them moderately the same; then perhaps time will be tricked into working on a loop. And if it was a good day then all the following days will also be good,...

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