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One simple way to customize a knitting project is by substituting a stitch pattern, and the easiest place to do this is on the edging of a garment. An edging is typically applied when a garment is worked with a stitch (like stockinette) that curls. An edging is usually worked with a stitch that lies flat, which prevents the curling of the stockinette fabric. Since the majority of edgings are based on ribbing, having a few distinctive (and mathematically appropriate) substitutions handy can be a great way to put your own mark on a knitting project.   Broken Rib Substitute...

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Let's Talk Charts! Charts are an excellent way to communicate patterns in knitting and help a designer distill pages of densely written text into one picture. With a few simple rules, charts are easy to understand, give visual clues as to what your finished piece will look like, and can be understood across language barriers.   A chart for knitting is typically set into a grid pattern comprised of squares that are populated by symbols. Each of these symbols indicates what type of treatment to give each stitch. The chart is worked in horizontal lines with each line representing a...

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