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Okay, not reaaaally, no socks actually knit themselves (well maybe Mrs Weasley knows how, but I don't). The point is that this newest pattern release; Bander Ridge is a very specific kind of sock pattern, one of my favorite kinds. I've come to realize that there are two kinds of sock knitting experiences that I personally enjoy. One is the Totally Committed; fancy patterning, all kinds of cables and lace and nupps and beads, and maybe even a fancy technique or two. Keeps the knitter totally mind-rapt and focused because each row is a little adventure through the woods and you really really...

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I love knitting lace, I don't do as much of it as I would like to but when I can really get into a project I am so very happy. Lately I have been really enjoying patterns with the combination of a large area that has a simple repeat, and then a small area with that 'wow' factor which of course is a bit more involved. I love being able to work through the simple repeat section that has enough going on to keep me interested but not so much that I have to pause the show. And then finish it all off...

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"I know these days are Heaven sent" - the Steeldrivers Gratitude, I made the choice to live with this feeling for the year. I am so grateful for this life, my family, friends, my job, you, (yes you!) I appreciate everyone with an interest in my designs and who takes the time to read my musings on this blog. I know that things will not always go my way and that there has to be struggle for the good times to be oh so sweet. I've been to the dark places before and it can seem an endless stream of...

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I am always a huge fan of design that is created out of curiosity, of looking at materials, shapes, construction and letting them come together in a new way that may not have ever been investigated should those exact materials have not been combined. So much of designing for a magazine is looking at a mood board, a loose collection of ideas, and color, meant to inspire designs. This is a great way to get a wide range of designers into a similar track and totally makes sense for a publication that wants a theme. Designing for a yarn company...

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As soon as I finished Ivory Spires, I knew that I needed to work up a 1 skein version that used similar elements. I hadn't had enough of the beads, twisted stitches and lace, I needed more but also less, something similar but smaller.     Abbey Glade took me away from the drama of the coastal shore where Ivory Spires took inspiration. This new design seemed deeper, richer, the depth of the color in the yarn was so natural. It reminded me of the shadows between foliage, perhaps of a quiet glade deep in the woods with the crumbling ruins of...

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