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New Test Knit: Porifera Cowl

Now this is a fun pattern, I mean I know I might be biased but still, I sure had a  great time designing it. This super adjustable pattern is now ready for test knitting and needs testers who want to get creative with yarn and sizing. It calls for an Aran weight handspun but can be worked in any weight yarn with the desired amount of increases. This design would look amazing in a plain yarn, loads of texture and simple enough to satisfy, but it also shines when worked with a crazy skein of handspun or vareigated. I have a habit of buying the wildest skein of yarn in the store and so am constantly looking for something with a varying yardage requirement that works with crazy yarn. If you would like to test knit this pattern hop on over to the Ravelry Forum here.

If you are unsure about what test knitting actually is I can outline it for you. Click the link to the forum and leave me a message stating that you are interested in testing the pattern, also pm me your email. I will sign you up on the list and email you the pattern. You knit through the pattern, making any notes on your project page about alterations you have made. You can ask questions by posting in the forum and make sure to keep an eye out for any mistakes in the pattern. Any changes to the pattern or corrected mistakes are added to the original post so check there first before asking a question. When your sample is complete post a picture or two to your project page along with weighed finished yardage of the sample. Then I say thank you, thank you, thank you, finish editing the pattern and send you a fancy mistake free complimentary copy when it is released. Beware though, test knitting can be highly addicting so begin at your own risk :)


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