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Technique Tuesday -

Technique Tuesday: Tinking or Unknitting your work.

Tinking or Unknitting is a method used to go backwards a few stitches in your work to fix a mistake. This technique is perfect for a mistake worked in the current row, or to go back to an area that has a mistake lower down.

In standard knitting all stitches are placed on the needle with the right leg in front. 

Tinking a Row

With a swatch on the right needle observe the 1st active stitch on the needle, place the left needle on the top of the loop of the active stitch and follow one leg of the loop down into the lower stitch inserting the needle into the lower stitch. Pull this lower stitch onto the left needle and pull out the active stitch loop to unknit that stitch.  Repeat for remaining stitches of row on swatch.

When unknitting onto the left needle you must insert the tip into the stitch the same direction that the active loop left the stitch so that it is oriented with the right leg in front. Conversely if you are unknitting onto the right needle you need to insert the right needle into the stitch in the same direction that the active loop entered the stitch so the stitch is oriented with the right leg in front.

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