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Three days to go

Really?! Really really really, there are only 3 days until Christmas and I can't even believe it. I bet there are loads of knitters out there panicking right now, and last year I was panicking too. This year I took a slightly different approach to knitting gifts.

I find that handmade gifts sing a quieter and longer song than other gifts. On actual Christmas morning the handknit gifts are unwrapped and discarded with barely a glance, they are not shiny or loud, flashy or part ghost mermaid hybrid thing. Typically I am the one scooping them out of the shredded paper and tucking them lovingly into the woolies drawer to be discovered when the outside chill beckons. Then the handknits really get to sing their loving, enduring song, keeping my babies big and small warm and toasty in the damp inland northwest winter. My Norah probably couldn't tell you what toys she got last year for Christmas but she thanks me everyday for the piggy mittens I made her. This year instead of waiting for Christmas day I gifted my cuties their finished projects as soon as they came off the needles. Which made for a warm December before the lights and love of Christmas even peeked out from the tree.

I might do it again next year I might not, for this year with the little guy needing so much energy in diversionary tactics attention it was the right choice and the girls are loving it.

If you are still racing to meet the deadline of the 24th here are a few quick and easy gift ideas! Above you can see Abby wearing the 1 hour Herringbone Cowl from Stephanie Japel through Craftsy . It actually took a lot longer than 1 hour BUT I think it had to do with yarn choice. It was really an adult pattern and turned out large on Abby so we added a button to cinch it in and also "style mom, just style."
How about a quick pair of mittens? these are my Mesmerizing Mittens, they use worsted weight yarn and are worked with garter stripes and slipped stitches. Sized in Adult Small, Medium and Large they are quick and simple, perfect for holiday knitting! Try them out in a new color combination using the Color Theory post from last week! 

And of course my Cloche Divine, this is a slighty smaller version that I knit for Abby out of wool we dyed with Kool-aid in the microwave. This pattern is available through Ravelry and Knitpicks and is FREE!

Above is the Holiday Lights Tam by Catherine Shields, I knit this last winter when Little Guy was 1 month old and I was totally brain dead tired. Threading the beads onto the yarn takes some time but it was simple and fun and turned out totally beautiful!

And last but not least my Boreal Hat, which is one of the longest lasting hats I have ever knit. Just when I think she is going to outgrow it she eeks another year out of it!  You can see the original blog post about it here. And the original pictures of my little cuties.. wait 4 years ago? what?

Whatever your knitting plans are for gift giving this holiday season I wish you all the best luck and speedy needles!


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