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Slipped stitches and Mighty Holes- Rounding out the lineup

Slipped stitches and Mighty Holes- Rounding out the lineup

Lately I have been really obsessed with using variegated yarns... responsibly? Is responsibly the right words? Using them in a manner that allows both the pattern and the yarn to be showcased equally, designing a stitch pattern for them that will work with ANY yarn you choose.  And creating thoughtful accessories that are adaptable, they work for a wide range of aesthetics and body types and you can adjust the pattern if needed.


For the most part I have been exploring almost every idea that pops up, trying to work faster than my editing will allow in order to learn something new. When I was in my 2nd year of Art School we did 18 paintings in 2 weeks, yes you read that correctly. The idea was that if you painted at lighting speed, worked faster than your comfort zone you would break out of old patterns and create some new ideas and processes for yourself. With this in mind I approach each new wisp of an idea as a valuable one and make sure to really investigate them. Not all these ideas make it to a final pattern, and actually I don’t even swatch all of them, but I do spend some serious thinking time with them. Allowing them to turn over and be knit in my mind several times, seeing if anything different can be accomplished.

Over the past few years I have released 3 patterns that I feel are really successful at working with variegated yarns, Coral Palace Shawl, Palomino Sunset and Celestial Phantoms.


You can literally work them with any crazy yarn you choose and they will look amazing when finished. All three of these patterns are shawl patterns that use fingering weight, but what about the worsted weights? And the Aran weight? All those thicker yarns that still talk their way into my shopping bag time and time again.

To round out the Slipped Stitches and Mighty Holes lineup I have two new patterns, Titania’s Garland and Gilded Isles. Both use slipped stitches and thicker yarn, both are smaller neck pieces.

Titania’s Garland is worked in the round with a combination of triple wrapped cables, double yarnovers and garter stitch with simple lace in between. It is easily adjustable for length and height, and the sample is worked with 2 skeins of Malabrigo Rios in Arco Iris.

Gilded Isles is worked back and forth for the bottom striped section, with slipped stitches and lace. It is worked with 2 shades of a subtle striping yarn from Spincycle yarns but would work well in a crazy yarn too. After the bottom section is complete it is seamed together and the top seed stitch area is picked up and worked in the round.


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